Merkur gaming has a variety of games to match up to its 150 different titles. Many may not have heard of Merkur simply because it has specialised in making land-based amusement with prizes (AWP) gaming cabinets. You can find Merkur game machines in casinos, pubs and arcades if you wish to be among those who record wins on Merkur.

Important Features of Merkur

Merkur games run on software developments derived from multi-game systems like the Avantgarde SLT, the Merkur Star and the Evolution SL. These multi-game systems or cabinets also use cutting-edge technology and thereby being able to provide players with topnotch and exciting experiences in HD. Players also get to enjoy their virtual gaming experience and try to get many record wins on Merkur since these systems use double screens.

Make Use of Merkur Classic Slots

Merkur slots have diverse themes beautifying its more than 150 games. The themes take many sizes and shapes such as the 5 reel video and the 3 reel classic adventures. There is also the 3 reel retro title which you can begin with, instead of using the Original Triple Chance, to increase your chance to record wins on Merkur. You can also use 5-reelers to add yourself more multipliers, scatters, wilds and pay lines.

Playing Merkur also grants players with great comfort. For instance, Merkur games have ergonomic designs to grant the player comfort. The games also come with powerful sounds and excellent acoustics. These casino games also grant technical components easy access and have a highly-efficient multi-game IT platform. These qualities grant Merkur games, greater affinity with other platforms such as smartphones, desktops and tablets. The same also means that you can play Merkur games on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, iOS or Windows.

Why You Should Play Merkur Games

Playing Merkur games increases your chance of winning real money. This prospect is made real by the presence of the 3 reel retro title which can be used to increase winning chances. The cutting-edge technology also guarantees players with a great deal of excitement in double screen HD systems. The multi-game software platforms also allow Merkur gamers to play with ease and thereby promoting their ability to concentrate. Concentrating and winning at casino games go hand-in-hand.

Record wins on Merkur: Why You Can Be A Partaker in Them